CAS Profile

Hello,I am Prekshi Dholakia currently achieving the IB diploma programme – year 2,in Fountainhead School Surat,Gujarat,India. As an IB student, I feel like it has helped me grow fully and where I acquired numerous experiences, gained new skills that will assist me in making ethical decisions and solving problems from multiple viewpoints in my future […]

Global Odyssey 2.O

Global Odyssey a student-led event,conducted on 5 February 2020.We students of Business Management and Economics were informed to lead the event-flea market.The event was mainly organized so that we use our book knowledge in real life and experience the ups and downs of a business. This event was divided into 3 parts- food,fashion and fun.For […]


Every year, one our senior batches graduate,so we juniors plan a proper farewell for them.It was now our turn to do the same for our seniors,where their whole school journey is recreated;farewells are memorable for both juniors and seniors.This is a student-led event of around 60 people of our grade.Everybody are divided into departments like managing food, […]

Community Service

The service session, held in our school for the underprivileged children of some government schools around the whole city(mainly from near our school), the session was stretched for 6 weekends in the months of July, August, and September.We students of fountainhead school had gotten an opportunity to teach the kids various activities where we were interested.I opted […]