Every year, one our senior batches graduate,so we juniors plan a proper farewell for them.It was now our turn to do the same for our seniors,where their whole school journey is recreated;farewells are memorable for both juniors and seniors.This is a student-led event of around 60 people of our grade.Everybody are divided into departments like managing food, film and photography,decorations, etc.In this event i was allocated in the decoration team with some of my fellow classmates.


The event helped me discover my artistic skills,I had interest in art since i was kid but didn’t feel like to take these skills ahead for future career plans so left that option and moved on,but this event has helped me explore my art skills again and now i can call myself competent in art.

LO2 and LO4

This event I had to even face challenges in time management- I had to come 1 hour early to school for the decor preparations.Waking up early  in the morning was the most difficult task for me because I atleast need 7 to 8 hour sleep a day which i couldn’t achieve if i didn’t sleep early at night.Then also I came early to school for a week or more.


Working with a team is not at all easy for me.I have always preferred working alone because at times I become dominating.Now I am trying to improve these skills, all thanks to CAS.Working collaboratively with others helps share the creativity and ideas and come up with something which is beyond the capabilities of an individual.And during this process ,I even able to make new friends which is good sign.

Despite of difficulties Farewell  was a huge success.

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