Due to pandemic withinside the global due to covid-19 many sports had been prohibited via way of means of the authorities and gymnasiums had been additionally closed. This had a totally terrible effect on my health as I changed intonow no longer capable of do right exercise at home. After a few sports had been allowed withinside the metropolis me and my  friends determined to begin biking. I changed intonow no longer a everyday cycler however I knew the way to experience a cycle. […]


Hii! I’m Priyanshi Patel, currently doing IBDP ll at Fountainhead School. I’m a keen business freak and therefore I study Business Management, Economics and Applied Mathematics at a higher level. I am also intrigued by Biology!  Over the high school years I have been focusing extensively on my business startup that focuses on selling creative […]


Proposed Activities Description of the activity Components (C/A/S) Start and end date Entrepreneur’s Deck I was a host at the entrepreneur’s deck which is a student-led initiative that aims to educate the business-oriented enthusiasts It was a 3 month long project There were over 10+ modules and I had the opportunity to teach my preferred […]