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Hi, my name is Vansh gajera and I’m currently in grade 12 studying the ib dp program at fountainhead school Surat. I want to pursue Business management in the future so currently I study Business management, Hindi and economics at the HL level and ESS, English and maths at the SL level. My passion is business and I enjoy playing sports like football and competitive esports.

The career I want to pursue is Business Management for which I will be applying to a university in the United States. This would be a great opportunity for further education for me and I hope I will excel at it.

I love exploring, I like to go to places which I have never visited before or try something new. Traveling to more places not only makes a person more aware of what is happening in the real world but also helps a person to socialize and learn something new. I am also a Foodie so trying new food and knowing more about different people and cultures is what I do often while traveling. As I deeply into playing football and want to play as long as I could.

After I finish college, I expect to become a businessman with involvement in multiple businesses. I haven’t decided something specific, but I do have a blurred image. I aim to start a business of my own, something related to technology and/or manufacturing. The business of diamonds also interests me, so hopefully, I would like to do something in that field too. With the rest of, I also have goals of making society a better place to live. During my childhood, I had a dream to open schools and hospitals for the needy ones, so I expect to fulfil that dream as well.

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