CAS Profile

My Name is Naitik Patel from Surat, Gujarat. I am 17 years old. I will be completing high school this year. I am glad that this is the last year of high school and will go to college next year. IB is useful to me and it can be applicable in my life. I have always like physical sports and activities like football, and cricket. I am also interested in other indoor activities like playing chess. I also like web development (programming) which I got to know after I got into Fountainhead.

CAS is a component that helped me identify things that I don’t know like I enjoy community service. I also got to identify the different skills that I possess. I am passionate about traveling and I would like to travel and visit different places as much as I can. I also like music and I play guitar and sometimes I used to perform in school on the day of Artfest. I would like to pursue an undergraduate in India in the field of Business Management and Marketing. Pursuing my undergraduate outside my town is something I would like to experience as I always wanted to experience boarding school or hostel life and this I what I would like to experience once.

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