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Hello, I’m Sanya Panjwani and I have a lot of interests and hobbies that define me. To start with, I love dancing. Dancing has always been one of my favourite things to do, whether it be a performance or while I’m feeling down. I have attended many workshops and classes since I was a kid. Dancing is something that just comes by natural to me, I never had to make a lot of efforts to do it, I genuinely enjoyed it.

Moving on, I enjoy playing sports too. I’ve been playing basketball since 7 years now and have gone to many competitions too. Not only basketball, but I also love playing badminton and frisbee. I like to keep my life balanced with a little of everything, so not only do I associate myself in the arts category, but also the sports category.

And how can I forget? One of my most-known hobbies is cooking and baking. I started off by cooking but soon entered the world of baking and I haven’t looked back ever since. I used to cook basic food then I leveled up by cooking some of the most famous and hard recipes here in India. I, then discovered baking, it started off by cakes, then cookies, macarons and so much more. I even attend many workshops by one of the finest baking science and pastry arts academies here in India and have learned a lot throughout my journey.

These are few of the many hobbies and interests that I possess. There are many more but these have been my interests for the longest time. I also love experimenting and trying new things so I’m very open to any sort of ideas or activities.

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