I choose squash as my after school activity, my cousins and I always talked about the sport and that is when we decide to play it. No doubt the sport is fun but my cousins make it even more.


Its been a few months now since I quit Football and not playing ant sports was making me lazy therefore I decided to start playing squash. One of my strengths were my reflexes that helped me a lot in squash.


Squash was super new to me, I never tried that sport. I had to start squash from the beninging, the basics. The drills to master the basics were super boring but I had to perform that again and again. after a few weeks of playing squash, I had it on my hands then, I felt like an amateur.


squash was boring at the start and 2 hours long. My coach motivated me for the drills and talked about the benefits. I did all the drills no matter how boring it was and a few weeks later I started enjoying it, the basic drills were mastered and the coach made us play proper matches after. I feel not quitting is the key to success, which I have been through.

Playing sports helped me stay balanced physically and mentally.

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