Organizing the Ganesh Chaturthi event.

I am one of the members of the youth club of our society and every year we organize events during every festival. In 2019, as always, we organized the ganesh chaturthi event and this year we successfully achieved our goal. We had faced many difficulties regarding budget, decor, competitions, games, activities etc and especially team management. I was the leader of the Decor theme therefore everything related to decoration was on me and I am proud of myself that I did my job well. But over all of this, as we as a team did it together we had a lot of fun and we got to learn many new things and the event was really a great success.

Learning Outcomes achieved:

LO:1 As I knew my strength to lead some key areas of the event. Being a group leader, I had a feeling that I will face many difficulties. First, we had to come up with the whole idea of the decoration and discuss it with the whole team. I was the only leader for my group perhaps I had my friend Urja as well to help me. I am good at imagination and art which is my strength, therefore, I suggested many ideas for the same. I developed my creative skills and also learned how can I put forward my imagination into reality. For this year’s event, I came up with an idea of the Jungle theme and planned stuff accordingly.

LO:2 This wasn’t my first time working with the assigned team but there were many people who were new to the group, I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know many of them so working with them and making them understand what I am trying to say seemed to be quite a difficult task but I didn’t give up there, I am a good leader, therefore, I tried my best to cope up with others facing my difficulties and challenges. I did not rule over anyone instead helped everyone with the assigned task which a leader should do and therefore I was able to complete my task successfully. Also, this wasn’t the only difficulty, there were others as well such as planning everything and buying the material as such that it should not have to cross the budget limit, then searching for the shops where we can get the cheapest materials completing the daily tasks, etc, but because we were working in a huge team together it wasn’t much difficult to face this difficulty.

LO:3 Being one of the team leaders of our youth club, The whole idea of the decoration and other activities such as games, budget, etc was planned and initiated by me as well. we planned how to divide the work equally between everyone and how to complete everything on time. The main and most difficult task to do was to convince the society members for the event and to collect the fund from them for the event and for that we contacted the secretaries of our society and asked them to help us for the same and fortunately, we collected a huge amount of fund. We also had to keep the budget in mind and prepare stuff respectively therefore we had to work precisely. we even convinced the whole team to give extra time to this as we didn’t have enough days to do so.

LO:4 This event lasted for 10 days plus the days before the Ganesh Chaturthi started therefore in total it lasted for around 20 days. There was a huge team that prepared for the event and we all had to make sure that we worked collaboratively so that there are less chaos and more understanding. working collaboratively help make the tasks easier and less time consuming and our team successfully accomplished that.

LO:6 We made sure that whatever materials used in the decoration and while playing games were ecofriendly and not harmful to the environment as environmental degadation has become a global issue and I believe to contrivute fo the betterment of the enviornment.

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