Mulher Trek.

I began my new year with an adventurous start. I went on a one-night trek to Mulher which is located in the Sahyadri mountain range, Maharashtra. The trek was a 2-hour trek and we had to spend our night at the top of the mountain. I went there with my friends and it was one of the best trips I have ever had.

Learning outcomes achieved:

LO:2 Climbing a mountain with the height of 4290 ft is a great challange. I undertook this challage and succeeded in it. There were many other challage which came during the journey such as, Climbing with arounf 2 kg wheigt on the back that is the necessary items to be carried, climbing on steep areas is another tough task, Spending the night on the top is also a difficult task as the temperature up there was really low and it was too cold but with strength and courage I had overcome all the challages successfully.

LO:4 Showing commitment to this trek was a great task as walking continously for aroun two hours on a mountain with weight on back is not an easy task. I made sure and I was confident that I will not give up in between of the trek. I motivated my self to complete this trek which I did and on top of that I decided to be the first one to climb up and down the mountain and with my courage and motivation and my commitment I did that too.

LO: 6 As we were spending these two day on a mountain, it was necessary for us to take care of the surroundings as that mountain is a habitat to many different flaura and fauna we mad sure that no one litered around the base camp or during the trek and if someone did we told them not to. We also collected the trash on the way back and then threw it into garbage bin later. It is necessary to keep the surroundings clean as if we do not do that then we ar harming the habitat of other living beings which is a global issue.

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