Teaching underprivileged students

We were three people who went to the government school to teach maths and english in the sense some small calculations and alphabets but in a fun way.As the school only had two teachers from which one was the principle of the school.The school is located in Surats near by village.The idea of teaching them came to us -when on my birthday we went to distribute some things like school bag,worm jackets and etc to the underprivileged kids.There after seeing their condition we decided to help them more.So before the corona pandemic started all three of us would visit their school on every saturday and used to conduct a session with them.The school had two classes- one with the 1st and 2nd graders and other with the 3rd, 4th,5th graders,there i used to teach the 1st and the 2nd graders.Our main objective was to teach them something which the current faculty couldn’t teach; make all the sessions fun and engaging.

The learning outcomes achieved during this activity:

LO2 and LO4:

At the first I was a bit hesitated to teach the kids as I had not done this before ,this was my first time in teaching,and another problem with me was that I am not good at communication skills so in the start it was a bit challenging for me.While the student I didn’t even have any partner as to of the other team members were busy teaching the other class which had more students then in my class so it was more difficult to handle the class.Though there were some teacher who helped me throughout the session.After the first session ended I felt like leaving the this opportunity, but after talking about this to my teammates they motivated me to work even harder and try to take another session before giving up.Therefore I tried to take another session which made me realize that all that matters is the smile on there face after the session ends,so now we used to visit the school every saturday and taught them great stuff. And then I even slowly started to improve my communication skills.


We did think to withdraw this idea as we thought the children weren’t enjoying the session.But after thinking of all that permission we took to teach or all that hard work we did behind teaching them,made us think again onto this situation.Dropping this opportunity didn’t feel like a good idea so then we made sure all things we planned were well executed and not to leave just because the kids weren’t enjoying the session.

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