Art used to be something I truly was delighted as child and I do like drawing and painting now but from quite a while I had been occupied and didn’t have the opportunity to do so. Anyway this year I chose to do what I love thus I took up painting.This time, i wanted to do something new so rather than painting on the canvas i chose to sketch some pictures from online.

The learning outcomes achieved during this activity :


I was good at painting but to try something new I decided to sketch some small images.To refine my art skills firstly I started drawing some random picture from online websites- In the start some sketches were disaster, which got my moral down but i didn’t lose hope,started practising more and more,my sketches started improving!Now i am able to sketch,draw and paint.


At the start I didn’t know from where to start or what to draw or how to then decided to look for online tutoring on youtube and took pictures from online websites and tired to copy them.This raised the issue of copyright so I acknowledge the fact that the sketches i made were sketched by me but the original idea was not mine,it was someone else’s.However those pictures were not copied exactly the same.I thought copying some else’s idea was not a big problem until I knew the sketches made by me but they weren’t my ideas.

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