The main purpose for this activity is to maintain my fitness and physical health. This exercise includes full body workouts which is a good exercise for my heart and several muscles in my body. I work out daily for about 45-50 mins on average.


Exercising is all about habit, I had to do it regularly in order to see a result, and even when I am not in the mood I had to push and remind myself why I took this goal in the first place. Continuity with giving 100% becomes difficult because one is not in the same mindset every single day. But after I started exercising for a month without a break, it became a habit and even with the online school, I am able to take out time for exercising. Everyday exercise feels like an accomplishment.


Ethics plays an important role in exercising because one can be dishonest and not give 100% in there workouts or skip certain exercises because they are difficult but here being true to oneself is of extreme importance and this affected me directly. If I did not give my 100% I did not feel the satisfaction and felt bad about it and so just to avoid those strong feelings I do my workout with my best efforts.

This helped me develop integrity and boosted my mood heavily. Doing it in the morning starts the day fresh, light, and happy.

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