CAS Profile.

My name is Maitry. I’m 17 and exploring myself. I am compassionate and understanding. I tend to be very uncertain about things but I love helping people out. I don’t particularly have favourites but I like to do new things as long as they are not far off my comfort zone. I don’t have any particular talent but I try to be good at everything I do. I strive to be a perfectionist which is bad for me a lot of times. I feel like I really want to do something to bring a change. Though I would like to see an idealistic world I am practical most of the times. I am not sure about my plans after school because I am unable to figure out what I want to do. I want to learn more about me and everyone, I want to be the best version of myself. I want to give back to people and help them. I hope I can be even a fraction of what I wish to be.

Being stuck in a pandemic really makes you reflect on how you’re using your time and for what. I want to start doing art again, learn an instrument, a new language, & more. This time really made us value school and the relationships we have there. Spending my last year in school like this teaches me to seize the moment because tomorrow is not promised.

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