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Hi I am Sanya Jariwala studying in grade 12 of IB Diploma programme. I am a design aspirat hence my favoured subject in IB is Design an technology and Visual arts. Some of my leisure pursuits include sketching and painting, listening to music and singing and playing basketball.

A few of the talents I possess include arts, leadership skills and problem solving or makeshifting. However skills that I want to achieve in the future are, learning a different language to become a multilingual. Further, I am an introvert hence I want to learn public speaking to express my ideas, and improve the skills required for decision making.

To strengthen my personality and learn new things, I want to be participate in various career oriented activities like internship and art workshops. I also hope to be included in a trekking club and learn survival skills. I have an optimistic outlook on life. I believe that working hard work will reward me in one way or another. Nonetheless, my major weakness I easily give up, when things start to go wrong I think of giving up. I want to overcome this negative thinking.

I am passionate about helping people hence I want to work on design projects to help the disabled people live a more comfortable life. Besides this I dream about traveling to places to know about different cultures, experience different festivals.. Someday I also want to try adventure activities like bungee jumping and skydiving.

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