Community Service

The service session, held in our school for the underprivileged children of some government schools around the whole city(mainly from near our school), the session was stretched for 6 weekends in the months of July, August, and September.We students of fountainhead school had gotten an opportunity to teach the kids various activities where we were interested.I opted for cooking ,we taught them 2 dishes each session which were not time consuming and were easy to make for them at home and could be helpful for them in their daily lifestyle.


This session helped me to discover my strengths such as interacting with the children and keeping them occupied with their work at times. It was not easy for us to keep them active the whole time because there were times when they were distracted or were feeling tired so at that time we interacted with them by play some short games to know each other or we gave them some time to rest.These small things helped me to know them and also helped my communication skills in general.


Groups were assigned to us and we had to plan how to teach them that particular dish. We had been provided with materials and were told what we had to make them do today. Other than that we had to give instructions to the students about what had to be done by them and assign them different work every session.


The service sessions were conducted in the morning, and waking up early was a big task for me but I was really committed and attended all the 12 sessions, this helped me develop the skills.


These tasks were conducted in groups of 6-7 students and we had to teach approximately 14-15 kids,working in groups helped us manage the kids and to complete the given task to us on time.There were times when our ideas clashed as we had to assign each of the kids a particular work but we managed to come to a conclusion.

Lastly, I have learnt a lot from this CAS experience such as being expressive and caring towards others.I improved my skills and overcome my weakness.


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