Seva Cafe

Experience: Seva Cafe

Strand: Creativity, Service

I was a member of the Seva Cafe committee where we had to cook and serve food to the people in Fountainhead School. Cooking is something that I really enjoy doing and it makes me feel worthy of myself. We made khakhra pizza, muffins, nachos, etc. Being a member of the Seva Cafe, I got the opportunity to develop my skills and learnt to serve others with an open heart. 


I undertook the path of self-interest and contributed the idea to serve khakhra pizza as it is something innovative and can attract eaters. I felt exhilarated when my idea was chosen. I noticed that I was good at making unique combinations with food and executing them with care. I was not familiar with the idea of cooking food in bulk as I had never experienced it before, so I decided the quantities of the ingredients with the help of my friends and the internet. 


The one challenge that I faced was that I forgot to consider the fact that there will be Jain people who will be eating at our stall and the recipe was Non-Jain. I felt disheartened and they went to other stalls. I tried to overcome this challenge by immediately preparing another Jain recipe in our school kitchen and was relieved.


The activity was conducted in a group and I was not familiar with my members initially. It was fun working with them as there were sharing of new ideas and the weaknesses of some members were covered by the strengths of the others. It got easier to work with them and divide the work as we undertook various meetings and shared our interests. 


Having a deep interest in cooking, I understood the importance of the factor hygiene while executing the activity. We made sure that the cooking area was completely hygienic and organised. I will be disappointed if people question our methods of preparing food. I found it ethical to work with proper care as we were responsible for their happiness. 

It was a successful event as I worked on my interests and developed my cooking skills. I understood the happiness of serving to someone without expecting anything in return and I look forward to taking part in such inspirational events.




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