Missing Girls session

I, with three other group members, organised a missing girls session in a government school that was about human trafficking. The session was in collaboration with an NGO called missing girls. I covered LO1, LO2, LO5, LO6, LO7 during this CAS experience. I took this up as my CAS experience because human trafficking is a very serious issue and it is very prevalent in India. I covered the service strand as the main aim of the session was to spread awareness.  


LO1 was achieved when I was able to prepare content appropriate to our audience, keeping in mind the age group. I was able to filter sensitive content keeping in mind that we were dealing with kids from grade 5 to grade 7. 


I faced the challenge of the language barrier because the students we were presenting to were more comfortable with Gujarati and I am not well versed with it. Here LO2 was achieved. With the help of my other group members, I was able to overcome this because they helped with delivering my content in Gujarati. Here LO5 was achieved and I understood the importance of working in a team. 


We achieved LO6 because human trafficking is prevalent all over the world and is increasing day by day. We taught the kids about what is human trafficking, what safety measures they should take, how to get out of dangerous situations and we also did a stencil activity in which the Missing Girls’ logo and the rescue line were spray painted on the wall. This helped increase awareness. 


Lastly, LO7 was achieved when we had to filter our content to make it age-appropriate. Because human trafficking is a topic which deals with prostitution and physical abuse and as we were dealing with very young kids we had to talk about age-appropriate things. 


Taking this up as CAS experience helped me spread awareness about human trafficking, it also increased my knowledge on this topic. This also helped me realise that working in teams is very beneficial. 




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