Farewell was a student-led event organised in the school and I was the leader of the spoof video team and I was also a part of the dance team. Taking this up as my CAS experience made me step out of my comfort zone as I was completely unaware of videography and it also gave me an opportunity to work with new people. Activity, service and creativity strands were covered during this experience. I achieved LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4 and LO5. 


Activity was met as dancing is a physical activity. Creativity was met as photography was a skill I developed throughout this experience and I also got a chance to brush up my dancing skills. Service strand was met as it was an event organised for the school by the students. 


I have always been fond of dancing and taking this up as my CAS experience gave me a chance to take out some time from my schedule and dance. During the practice, I realised my dancing skills were more developed than others, here LO1 was achieved. But taking up the responsibility for making the spoof video was a big challenge for me because I had no prior knowledge about videography or video editing, I demonstrated the IB learner profile risk-taker here. And this CAS experience helped me learn new skills, LO2 was achieved. However, with the help of my partner, who had some knowledge about videography, we were able to work collaboratively and complete the spoof video. Here LO5 was achieved. 


LO3 was achieved when I made the schedule of shooting the video and set deadlines for the team to complete the editing. This made me realise the importance of meeting deadlines. It also made me more responsible.  


LO4 was also achieved as we had to come early to school for the dance practices and for shooting the video. Coming early to school got tiresome because of sleep deprivation and it made me feel like missing the practice but I was determined and I did not miss any practice. Perseverance was shown here. 


Lastly, taking farewell as my CAS experience helped me learn a new skill and it also gave me a chance to get better at a skill I already possess. This experience taught me the importance of perseverance and determination. 




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