Due to this corona pandemic many activities were prohibited by the government.This caused a negative impact on my physical and mental health,so rather than sitting idle I decided to join a online session for yoga.I continued doing yoga for 2 months.To be honest in the start I used to hesitate a lot just to join the class because my body is not that flexible nor do I have a good stamina,and there were times when people older than me used to keep on doing exercise whereas I stopped after a point.So then I pushed myself to go out of the comfort zone by challenging myself to work out more the older people.By this I achieved the learning outcome 2 as I took challenge to learn a new skill and the learning outcome 3 as I initiated to plan this activity.After some days for continuously practicing daily for 45 mins to 1 hr,my body came into a routine and then I started taking more and more interest in yoga,I used to even stay back after classes to know more about the history and the facts on yoga.One day she told me that because of high tech gym with lot of machinery ,yoga is losing its presence as nowadays people are not willing to do yoga.Hearing her on that day made me realize that we should not forget our culture and how i got attached with an issue of global significance unintentionally.So by doing this I achieved learning outcome 6 where I not only encouraged myself but also my friends and family members to join the session for at least a month and the learning outcome 4 where I became consistent in joining the session.

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