GLOBAL ODYSSEY   Global odyssey was a fun event where there were different stalls for different things for example – games, food, fashion. It was an entertainment-based event where different grade students were invited to enjoy different stalls. We were given the option to choose in which category we want to go to (decoration, food, fashion, […]

Entrepreneur’s Deck

Strand – Service Coming from the diverse FS community I have been fortunate to create friends who are seniors and have learnt a lot from them. Thankfully, I was notified that one of my seniors was hosting an entrepreneurship-oriented project which was a student-led organisation that aimed at educating all the enthusiasts around the world […]

Co-hosting at Entrepreneurs Deck

Entrepreneurs Deck is a student-led initiative led by a student at the University of British Columbia. The project aims to teach the basics of Business and Economics with practical implementation to students over 12 years. There were very diverse volunteers worldwide—a few from Vancouver, Delhi, Hyderabad, Hong Kong, and Dubai. There were three sets of […]