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Coming from the diverse FS community I have been fortunate to create friends who are seniors and have learnt a lot from them. Thankfully, I was notified that one of my seniors was hosting an entrepreneurship-oriented project which was a student-led organisation that aimed at educating all the enthusiasts around the world about entrepreneurship. I whole-heartedly took up the opportunity. 


I have been keenly learning and excelling business and economics as my school subjects since grade 9. Acting as strengths, it got easier for me to pick up and teach my preferred module flexibly. I passionately went ahead to take up and teach the Finance and Accounting module along with the Business plan module. As these topics were already taught to me in school at depth, I could easily connect the dots and present my share effectively. However, I never took the responsibility of teaching 100+ people, from different countries, and presenting with confidence. I spotted my weakness and did several mock presentations by my own to build confidence and precision. I could see the difference and ended up presenting boldly. 


This project had 20 host members from countries like Dubai, Canada, Hong Kong, etc. The most challenging part was to pick up a common time as per everyone’s convenience. Manier times I had to wake up till 2 a.m. to attend the meetings so that I do not miss any important points. Because of this it was a little difficult to balance my school routine for some days. But later with adequate negotiation skills I voiced up to the group and we selected a better time to schedule our meetings. Moreover, as the sessions were conducted online, in times of covid, it was difficult to have received all participants so we decided to record the sessions for later use. 


The entire project was 3 months long and as a part of the group I had to be updated with everything. Commitment to this project made me realise my potential as an educator and a business-oriented individual. It clarified, developed, and deepen my  understanding of entrepreneurship via various real life case studies, testimonial guest sessions and etc. 


As already mentioned, we were a group of 20 diverse people and it was crucial that we develop social bonds for an effective work environment. Teamwork was extremely important because each member specialized in their topics and no one could compensate for it. This way, I got to learn a lot from my peers and enhanced my communication and social skills. Initially, it was a little odd to work with strangers but with more dedication and willingness to know each other we eventually got comfortable. 

Being a part of the entrepreneur’s deck has given me a loaded bunch of opportunities and I have tried my best to make the best use out of it. Each host was a leader in themselves and by presenting my share in front of 100+ people was able to develop my leadership skills and think differently. 

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