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Wanting to explore a new sport , I chose to join badminton classes so that I could improve upon my skills and have fun. I did a badminton course of 2 months where I learnt a lot of things and improvised my playing style. 


I knew the basic rules of this sport before I joined the classes and it helped me proceed faster and compete with other students of my class. I feel that I was a fast-learner and it was very useful to stay on the same page with others. The class was of a distance of 2 minutes from my home and it was an advantage in terms of convenience. I was initially shy when I joined the class as I knew no one but then eventually I got along and made buddies to interact with. I realised that I had very limited knowledge and practice of playing professionally which led to investing more time in the drills to improve my skills. I overcame this weakness by practicing the drills whenever I was free at home or spent extra time at class. 


I think that the biggest challenge I faced was sprained ankles and wrists. Due to a lot of practice I got some sprains which my coach said was normal. Due to this I had to skip some classes so that I don’t get more injured. I have played badminton many times before joining the class but not at this extent. I overcame this challenge by giving some rest and doing less-intense drills at home. I also struggled to play smash as it was something new but by practicing daily I could see the betterment.


Commitment and perseverance was shown as I visited the classes 6 days a week and I was able to see the development in my skills and creating new game strategies. By showing such commitment I was able to improve my speed, stamina and gaming skills. I felt that all the invested time was worth it as I could see the impact. It was extremely important that I do shot and smash practice regularly so that I do not lose my learning. 


Initially I felt shy as I was a stranger to everyone but as I was regular at class I made some new friends and played matches with them. Working collaboratively was a task when it came to playing doubles matches. The partners have to keep changing formations and trust each other during the match. My team building skills were enhanced from this very experience. 

Overall, I realised I can apply my sportsmanship skills to different situations and interacting with others. I have learnt many drills which developed my playing style and strengthened this activity.

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