Experience: FSMUN OC

Strand: Service

Volunteering for organising events is something of my interest and Fountainhead School Model United Nations gave me the opportunity to be a part of organising committee in decoration and logistics. It was a fun-learning event and I enjoyed working with the other members.


Through this event, I was able to identify my areas of strength and weakness. I realised that I was better at pitching ideas for the decor and doing the logistics work such as organising folders and debate kit for the delegates participating in the event. However, when it came to creativity and doing handy work, that is where I lacked. I did not have visual arts skills and hence I concentrated on the areas I was good at.


One of the biggest challenges I faced in this experience was waking up early and coming to school to complete the tasks. It was difficult to compromise on my other tasks and make this event a priority. Initially I took the decision lightly but as the workload began to increase, I became more committed and regularly went to school early. I feel that as I undertook the opportunity to volunteer on my own, I should be dedicated enough to work on it efficiently.


Commitment was one key aspect that we were asked to have. Without commitment we would have failed to make this event successful. We had to come early to school everyday to complete the decor and I feel that the hardwork and commitment was worth it. I am usually a committed person and undertaking this opportunity to be a part of this event has helped me establish my skills better. 


I enjoy working collaboratively as I feel that there are more skills and ideas and it will be a perfect combination for success. It was easy for me to work with others as we respected each other’s ideas and divided our work equally. It led to a great outcome and was a wonderful experience for me

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