FS Cup

It was a Interschool sports event which was held in our school. I was a part of volunteering team and also a participant in the basketball tournament. It was a month long event in which every saturday a tournament was held and many students from various part of our city used to come. My job in the volunteering department was handling the certificates that are give to all the winners of the every event but since it was a team work if my team member required my help in any other work i.e transport, logistics or food we all used to help.

The learning outcomes that I have achieved are following:

LO 3 : Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience.

In our journey of the FS cup, we had distributed our work in different departments and also we categorized every member in their respective departments so that there will be no mishaps on the day of the event. The planning was done prior to the event like the timings of each volunteer, the logistics that are required in their position were kept or food coupons distributed according to the number of participants. All of this was included in our planning and we made sure that it was effective and if any disruption arrived we tackled it with unity. I think the planning and initiating stage was equally difficult because of the scale of the event. I am usually not an organized person but during this experience, I came to know that if we organize an event/work before their execution could reduce a lot of your work and stress. I learned that considering everyone’s inputs during the planning stage is very crucial for the event because it decreases the chances of having a dispute and makes it more effective. Hence, I think now in the future the planning stage and initiating stage would not bother me so much as I got familiar with it.

LO 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in cas experiences

Unlike other cas experience which can be done in 1 day, this cas experience required me to attend school on weekends and work in my free slots which I think so is a type of commitment and I faced an injury in between the event because of which I was unable to attend the event 1 day. During that, I realized that my peers are facing the consequences for the same I should be the one responsible. Therfeore I changed my work of course and decided to help them by organizing everything from one place. Usually, I don’t commit to these long events because I am scraed that I might be not able to stick around till the last moment but during this event, I realized that by committing we become more responsible as we get aware about the consequences of our actions. Commitment also helps us bring trust in our team because we know that the team members will stick around even when things becomes stressful.

LO 5 : Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

Teamwork was very essential to make sure that the event is going smoothly. In my team I also had 5th grader and 7th grader and working with them could be quite difficult as they make a lot of mistakes and don’t take things seriously but I learned that with proper guidance and patience they are quite helpful. If the right work is assigned to the right person then it becomes more efficient to work. Also, teamwork ensures that they mistakes one person makes are backed by another which builds trust and makes the event more enjoyable rather than stressful.

We also did some services during the event by supplying bananas and pretzel to every contestant free of cost. During the service, the problem we faced was of distributing it on such a large scale. But the gratitudes and wishes we got from the participants made it worthwhile. This kind of service made me realize how small things add to the happiness of another person.

During the event, I think my communication skills improved along with my management skills. I also got to know how to balance my school work and other extra circular activities. The sustainable goals aligned with this event was good health and well being as this was a sports event I got to explore the world of fitness along with how important it is in everyone’s life. I saw the passion for fitness among participants which made me realize that good health and well-being is equally important in life as education and other aspects.

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