I was introduced to football when I was 10 years. Football is a game where 2 teams compete against each other and make a goal in the opposite team goal. This is a physical game and has fewer rules or restrictions. Football makes me help improve my personality, fitness and mental health.seems then football is close to my heart and it is my favorite team sport. Football teaches many life lessons, how to coordinate with people and what is teamwork, how to achieve a goal with teamwork. I have opted for football in school, so I play football at school and I also play football tournaments for school. 


Footballers have to play at different positions and different positions. Different positions have different roles. I play as a striker, where my role is to score goals and make chances for goals, by playing football at school I have recognized my weakness as a striker, I lack in controlling the ball. I need to develop my ball control skills to promote better. My strengths are finishing and passing. 


Training daily in the morning is difficult in football and the body both physically and menatly should be fit. Our PS slot is scheduled in the morning so I used to be very tired after PS and it was difficult for me to focus on academic slots. I was used to this and slowly when I developed my fitness it was not a challenge for me. Undertaking new challenges helps us in being stronger and it helps in recognizing our strengths and weaknesses. 


Being consistent is important in football, many students attend football slots only when there is a match but it is important to attend class with consistency to develop fitness and work on your weaknesses. My body used to pain a lot after fitness class but then my body adapted to it and it was no more a challenge for me. Being committed and showing perseverance is not easy but it is important for any task. If a person wants to achieve something, being committed and showing perseverance is very important. 

LO 5 

Football is a team sport and team coordination and communication needs to be strong in order to achieve. I enjoy group tasks and group activities. It is easy for me to coordinate with others as I am familiar with it and also it motivates me to do things with other people, we get to learn a lot from them. We used to guid one another if they were doing something wrong. This also helps us and the team to grow.  The importance of teamwork in this sport is very important, if there is teamwork the team won’t be able to score goals or win a match. A player alone cant win a match as football is a team sport.

In conclusion i developed many learner profiles attributes, communication as my communication was strong with my teammates which helped me become a better person. Balance between study and sports, both the things are important in life and I gave both the things equal amounts of time.

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