FSMUN 6.0: CAS Project

As described by our website (fsmun.org), FSMUN is a non-profit organisation, and embraces smaller committees – to facilitate greater participation from all delegates, in an attempt to nurture their public speaking, debating, writing, teamwork and critical thinking skills. Our vision is to build leaders by providing students the right kind of environment, wherein they can grow as […]


Football, the gorgeous game, maybe a sport I most like to play. It inculcates basic values that makes a player learns hand in hand helps player to enjoy the game, through team-work, coordination, hard work, and a winning mentality. Football, for those not aware of the game, is a team sport  between two groups of 11 players every. The aim of the sport is to undertake and score within the opposing team’s goal whereas at the same time defensive your own. It’s easy playing, alongside relatively few rules […]

FSMUN – Organising Committee

FSMUN is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. This event was organized by our school students on 24 July- 25 August which was open for students from anywhere. I participated in the organizing committee of this event in which I and other volunteers helped the […]