Community service is where we students volunteer to teach the kids from the NGO’s and different government schools. We choose the activity over our specific skills like sports, arts, cooking, or ICT. The community service gave me the satisfaction at the end of the day by teaching those kids and felt very happy, and it also helped me to achieve various learning outcomes (L2 and L6).
L2:- Organizing myself was always a challenge for me because the service was on weekends, so coming to school on weekends and teaching those kids and also managing my work at home was a difficult task for me. I have also attended service sessions previously, and every time it was difficult for me to organize so this time, I made a schedule for the day, then I worked accordingly for it. I also developed some new skills like holding myself, then be prepared for the work.
L6:- During the community service, I also engaged with global significance (Lack of education), which is very common; many children lack education. I got to know about the issues during the activity because the children were wasting water during the break between the exercises. Of course, we taught them not to wastewater, but it is upon them to keep it for the long term.
Overall this was a great CAS experience for me, and at the end of the day, it was really helpful for me and really worked for me to freshen myself, and doing my work at home was also not a burden for me after this wonderful experience.



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