Community Service

Community service activity led me to get involved and participate in the community for the very first time, the service had many different activities involved but as a sports enthusiast, I was keen to teach kids about the sport frisbee. I played frisbee from grade 6 as a part of Physical sport in my school and I enjoyed playing a lot, so I wanted to share it with the kids who were not privileged to get to know about this game and my goal was to keep them healthy and happy. 


The service was around a week but the difficult and challenging part was to bring that enthusiasm about this new sport because the sport was very new to the kids and it was difficult to manage them due to large in number, which I enhanced my communication skills. I interacted with kids every session and started to build a bond between us, which led them to understand the game much better.



The organization was a challenging part because most of the kids were not more than 12 year old so they do sometimes get a bit tedious to manage but day by day, we learned how to manage for example telling them to make a line, or do a specific drill in a specific manner and many more. Planning of the sessions was done beforehand, planning included drills, warm-ups, and timing of each, this way it was more organized and time-efficient. This also helped me identify a leadership role that I wasn’t aware about.


Commitment and perseverance was a major issue after 2-3 sessions because the first 3 days don’t show many results which demotivated and didn’t feel to continue the other sessions. 

Definitely “caring” was the major profile I developed. I learned many things from this experience one of these things was patience.