community service

our school organized community service for underprivileged students of a government school in which students had to teach activity which they have chosen. I have selected creativity as I get to experience something new and along with that I also get to learn a lot from those children. During the whole activity, I get to know how important education is in our lives and how they guide our life.

LO 1: I get recognize my strengths and weakness as I proceeded towards the activity I get to know how inefficient I am in art and creativity and how I need to work on my skills related to that. also my strengths regarding that same were when I was able to convey my thoughts and teach them easily. also, I was able to understand their skills easily and was able to improve them in that particular area.

LO 2: the activity was challenging in my ways as during the whole activity language issues kept arising. They spoke the local language while I was not aware of the same language so I had to keep explaining them through actions or make my friends help me in communicating. also, some students were not was how to write so for some children I have to start from basics while some were already good at that thing and for them, I have to start for a standard level.

LO 4: As this event was held on weekends we all have to attend this during our holiday and make sure we don’t miss any session. In between, if we had any other plan we have to make sure that we are still attending the sessions. so by persistent, I get to know that it could be more enjoyable as there will be consistency regarding the same.

LO 5: In art and creativity we have been divided into a small group and have to undertake few children so during the activity I get to learn that I could be more efficient if we split our working load that is one teaching the starting steps while at same time another is helping the children doing that step. and also if I was doing anything wring I get to be corrected by my friends which improved my skills.

LO7 – The ethical issue involved in the following CAS experience was our behavior towards the fellow children who were there to learn art and craft. Our behavior towards other children should be calm and composed and we should not be harsh towards them and during this CAS experience, we were supposed to behave nicely and ethically.  This ethical issue affected me directly because sometimes constant questioning and mischief were becoming frustrating for me and I could have told them off harshly but that would have been unethical behavior from my side. Therefore, I taught them a few more times so that they might learn something while having fun. My views regarding the following issue remained the same as before. I still believe that children should be treated harshly in any conditions and they should be able to enjoy it. 

so at last, providing service was not only help those children but also it was helpful to me.

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