Monsoon Musings

monsoon musing was a literary event in which I was part of the volunteering team that is I was one of the project aides. In the whole event we have to make sure that decorations are done very precisely and also on the day of event I had to make sure that all the work is done and if anywhere my help is required. So by being a part of this event I had come to know how an event is organized and what is required to make an event successful.

LO 2: the challenging part of this was collecting all the resources and making sure that all the work has been done on time including measurements. And also while doing so we had communicated to all the members FS and make them do the work on time. This includes asking didi to allow us to do work for a long time and or also making sure no one is missing any details so no last moment trouble arises.

LO 4: showing perseverance and commitment includes organizing this event as our own event and coming every day early in to make sure that all the work is completed before the event so we could be more good at our work. also committing to making sure that I can help when required whether it is serving on the day of the event or inviting everyone individually to participate was the most challenging part of this activity.

LO 5: one thing I learned was how effective it will be to work together. by working together we can divide our responsibility and work and also help each other. Also by working together we can vary the opinion of different people who are experts in a particular area. But also working together can be hard as we are depended on others for work to be completed which is time-consuming so at last working together was beneficial and we get to learn a lot from others.

LO 7: The ethical issue involved in the following activity was working with different kinds of people and our behavior towards them which affect the total outcome. Sometimes we need to ask helpers for different things and during that process, we learn that we should not discriminate and respect everyone. Also, our choices in different matters such as the selection of different people for different activity ethics are considered where we have to make sure no one is getting favoring advantage.

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