The concept of MUN was something that was new to me. I found the whole idea not only fascinating and interesting but also erudite. Being my first MUN it had provided me with a wide range of experience and knowledge.

I was in committee UNHRC(united nation human right council) in which I was provided an agenda and a country (Brazil). through this participation, I came to know about the area of my weakness that is the ability to debate and research. while researching I came to realize that I was not able to get content like others and while debating I was not able to speak. and my strength was to instantly come with a resolution or statement to support my argument. By getting to know about this now I feel like I know how to work upon myself. now I know what are specific skills that I need to build in myself. through this CAS activity, I got knowledge and now I think that if I would have overcome my weakness I would be able to debate more effectively in real life and business meetings in the future. Along with that, researching is something that I think I will need throughout my life. I think the most challenging part was finding facts and statistical data to support the argument because in MUN everyone tries to counter you continuously so coming up with a strong argument with credible sources and reason is difficult. This was something that I have never experienced before and I am still overcoming this challenge. But I have considered it and next time while proving my point to someone it would be a lot more helpful. I feel undertaking this challenge was fun for me and along with widening my horizon. by undertaking challenges a person moves towards positive directions i.e growth. while planning this activity I had gone through a lot including researching and preparing the speech. It also taught me how to be organized means daily I need to spend some time on researching and along with that balancing in academics also. It made me aware of how I can do it more effectively in the future. It was also ethical because it made me think about how I am going to make other countries prove wrong and also make sure that their sentiments and their values are being endangered because of my statements. And as many countries, foreign policies are based on their ethics, values, and belief I get to know more about that from their point of view. at last, it not only a knowledgable experience but also enjoyment and fun to participate in such activity.

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