“Painting is literature in colors. Literature is painting in language.”

Monsoon Musing was an even introduced to promote literature in all its forms and provide students an opportunity to lead a literary event. The event intended to give budding writers a chance to showcase their ideas in various forms. It also intended to give leadership opportunity for students to plan and lead the event. I was part of the project aides group. We were required to help in ensuring that the event is a success from the production end of things. 

Before the day of the event, we were required to come early for creating products or decorations stuff such as boat, flowers, etc. to embellish the venue. Creativity and art is my strength. Henceforth, it was very convenient to ponder about different decoration ideas. Also several people were involved in the decoration team so various ideas popped up during the discussions. The feeling that occurs after knowing your strength is just indescribable. Once I knew my strength it was easy to think, communicate and implement. It was important for all of us to know our strengths to function properly throughout the process, which then would lead to a prosperous event. 

Backstage working and planning for this event was a teamwork. Generally, my experience of working collaboratively has not been too bad till date. However, it all depends on various factors such as, people involved, the event, the amount of time required to work together, etc. Working collaboratively during this event, with a team of almost 9-10 people was not too easy. There were chances of misunderstandings, confusion, and conflict, in opinions and words, respectively. However, I had tried my best to not let any obstacle take place throughout the event, from my side. It was important to work collaboratively because it leads to various innovation and born of new thoughts and ideas, especially when you are a part of the decoration team, which requires a lot of creativity. 

In conclusion, I was committed towards my work during the whole journey. This activity was introduced to us almost a week before the actual day. Henceforth, we all wear required to show full commitment and perseverance during the entire journey. From thinking of ideas to actually implementing them, from waking up early to come to school to staying up late at night to work upon the activity, it was a tiring yet entertaining journey for all of us. 

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