Football, the gorgeous game, maybe a sport I most like to play. It inculcates basic values that makes a player learns hand in hand helps player to enjoy the game, through team-work, coordination, hard work, and a winning mentality. Football, for those not aware of the game, is a team sport  between two groups of 11 players every. The aim of the sport is to undertake and score within the opposing team’s goal whereas at the same time defensive your own. It’s easy playing, alongside relatively few rules and its skillfulness. Football […]

CREATIVITY requires the COURAGE to let go CERTAINTIES! -Erichh Fromm

Every year our school organises “Creative Mela” as an event, which helps students explore and develop their artistic skills through various art workshops. From “Origami” to “Thought process in drama”, various such workshops take place to encourage students to grow better and quicker in their interested area of art. This also helps them improve their […]