Internship- ASK EHS

I went to ASK EHS, with my friend for an internship. This is a consultancy firm which has many vertices in it, including training, consultancy, software, animation, scat folding and manpower. They consult firms for the Environment Health and Safety. I went to this firm from 9th december to 21st december 2019. In the internship I studied about the firm an understood the business module. This experience included the creativity strand of CAS.

In this activity I covered the learning objectives L1, L2, L3, L4, L5.

I covered LO1 as in this activity I identified my strenght of knowledge of Business management which allowed me to understand the various work of the company.

I covered LO2 as in demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken which was time management which was a problem as I had my school at the time of the internship so I needed to go after school and on saturdays so I needed to manage the challenge of time management, developing new skills in the process of the internship as I learned about the business module and learned about the corporate culture.

I covered LO3 as initiate and plan a CAS experience as I mailed the head of the firm by my self and went to there office met them understood about their requirements and then plan the internship so I initiated there internship.

I covered LO4 as I showed show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences as I mentioned above that the time management was a problem but then to I never missed the internship or was absent so I showed commitment in my work.

I covered LO5 as I  recognize the benefits of working collaboratively as I went there with my friend so we both understood things together so helped in task and better discussion took place in the firm.
So this internship was a well and a great experience for me.

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