Khelmahakumbh (Football)

I am interested in sports (especially football) from my childhood and have always participated in the interschool competition. There are some learning outcomes that I met were L1, L2, and L4

L1:- Khelmakumbh is always a tough competition between different schools and needs to develop new skills to defeat them and participate in the competition. I play as a goalkeeper in my team and my job is to save the goals and help the team to defeat the opponent team. My strength was the quick reflexes. The main problem I faced was ground shots which the opponent teams took and I was not able to save them but after the practice and hard work now I am able to stop most of them and have a better practice for that.

L2:- There were many challenges I faced and my team faced during the khelmahakumbh competition. We were knocked out from the competition after the first round only. Then I had to improve my goalkeeping skills to get selected again in the school football team as there were already 5 to 6 goalkeepers in our school team and to be at their level and to match their level of skills and be tough and fit enough to face the other teams and their and members. It requires a lot of practice and dedication for football.

L4:- I have always been committed to football and given my level best to improve myself in football and have attended each and every competition in which I was selected. I play football 3 times a week and sometimes when there are competitions coming up so I practise 5 times a week.

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