Global Odyssey

Global Odyssey was an event related to business management and economics in which we set up a flea fair and sold products related to 3 sectors- fun, food and fashion. Students tried to implement their classroom knowledge to make the event productive for students too. I was part of the fashion stall and we sold some DIY products that were useful for consumers and environment-friendly.

This event covered both- creativity and service strands of CAS as 10% of the revenue earned from the event was donated to an NGO- Friends with Tails.

LO1-Â Identify own strengths and develop areas for growt- During the event, I figured that working in a team collaboratively was my strength. I was able to communicate with my fellow group members and get things done effectively. However, persuading customers to buy our products was a weakness, but while seeing my group members do that, I got better.

LO2-Â Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process I am not creative and so I faced problems in making the DIY products that we were going to sell during the event.

LO5-Â Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively Working together collaboratively made us do a lot of work in very less time. Apart from that, it helped us brainstorm many ideas of products that we could sell.

LO7-Â Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions In my business management class, I learned that being ethical is one of the most important things when doing business. During this event my group made sure all the prices were set according to the products, the materials were eco-friendly, etc.

This event helped me be more risk-taking and be a better communicator as a result.

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