I was always affiliated with web development courses, exercises, and programs. I wanted to learn the different types of programming languages other than basic HTML and CSS and with help of the Bootcamp in the school for web development, it helped me developed y skills in HTML and CSS and also helped me learn other different languages like javascript, bootstrap. During this Bootcamp. I was able to achieve learning outcomes L1, L2, and L4.

L1:- I wanted to develop my skills so it can help me during my Computer Science coursework so I identified my areas of improvement which were Javascript, CSS, and bootstrap. Programming had always been my passion and my interest. As the Bootcamp started to move forward I was not able to cover all the concepts and always use to forget the previous concepts so then I started watching videos online and asked for more programs to practice at home so I could get better practice for it.

L2:- I was new to javascript so I attended every Bootcamp session and get used to the new tags and codes which were used very often and were basic in every website. starting a new project was also a challenge for me because as there were many programming languages I was learning so I easily used to get confused where to use the right programming languages and also used to write the code in a very long way and used to make things complicated. But after watching a lot of videos online and then I also started an online web development course which helped me a lot to write the better code and helped me with the practice.

L4:- I have shown commitment towards the Bootcamp and have attended each and every session of Bootcamp but sometimes when writing the code I always used to get frustrated because of the syntax errors and not able to identify the error so then I used to take short breaks in between to keep my mind calm then start again which helped me a lot to find the errors in the programs and also helped me a lot

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