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Hi, my name is surbhi agarwal and I am 17 years old studying in grade 12. I enjoy dancing, cycling, listening to music and travelling and many other things. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures and traditions of people around the world. I also enjoy trying different cuisines and I make sure that I try different foods when I go to different places. 

During the CAS experience I got the opportunity to do things I am passionate about like dancing and also improve on skills that I lack, for example cooking. CAS also gave me the opportunity to help the underprivileged through community service. I always want to keep experiencing new experiences and I believe that every experience small or big teaches us something valuable. 

During the covid-19 lockdown I Have realised the importance of family and friends and how we shouldnt take them for granted. Having spent so much time with my family during the lockdown I started to appreciate the little things in life. I also believe that it is very important to keep checking on our friends and family. Because of the Lockdown I also got to spend a lot of time with myself and I discovered that I love to do photography and also knitting. I started knitting and stitching in the lockdown. 

I hope that the pandemic ends soon and our lives can go back to normal, and hopefully I am able to go to school once again 🙂

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