CAS Profile ~ Daksh Bapna

Hello, I am Daksh Bapna, a high school senior at Fountainhead School currently doing the IBDP curriculum with a focus on Business and Economics.

Sports has always been my keen interest, so I have taken the initiative to continuously practice and learn in this field and apply the skills in my game as well as my life. With such activities , I am also working on research papers regarding (difference in the pulse rate between athletes and non athletes after climbing up 20 stairs ) and learning more about sports in my SEHS classes. 

Apart from playing sports, I love travelling and trying out new food cuisines of different cultures. It really makes me happy. 

My outlook on life is that an individual should always be prepared to accept change, whether it be change in society, change in life or change in the workplace. While absorbing change never ever forget who the individual is. In my life, one problem or issue which I would really want to work upon would be to build on team working skills. As I believe in the coming future team working skills would be most essential in both corporate and personal life. I am also aiming to become completely vegan very soon for 2 major reasons, one being to help the creatures of our planet to receive the freedom they deserve and secondly for my sports performance as well, I was inspired from the documentary called game changer on Netflix.

I am always curious to learn about new and interesting things. Which is one good thing about me, as it helped me survive IB. After finishing IB I am planning to learn more in the finance and accounting sector, as I am highly interested in this field.

Lastly, CAS experiences have helped me a lot to indent my interest and helped me to engage more with social work and it enabled me to develop certain new skills which would be helpful to me in the coming future.

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