Symposium (Online MUN)

Symposium was an online MUN held by the secretary general Harshiv gajjar were we had discussed about the on going issue of COVID – 19

It was a new experience for all of us as I myself have attended a first online MUN. there were obviously were challenges which we faced such as communication problems as it is more preferable to communicate face to face with people in these situations. Furthermore, the biggest challenge which I have faced is my stage fear as a person I am very shy in communicating in front of a number of people. But through this, I have worked upon my stage fear as it was compulsory for everyone speaks and contributes their ideas to the discussion Moreover, I also developed my research and communication skills as well. It also helped me to improve my time management skills as I have to get updated with my research work with my education. I also started becoming responsible for my own work.

there were ethical choices made by us such as not using slang languages and also not discriminating anyone by look and appearance. Additionally, we have to use certain terminologies while addressing our speech which showcases respect and a positive attitude towards everyone in the committee. Hence at the end it was a great experience at the end as we learnt and experience many new things

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