Our Cas project was basically a “Holi celebration” in which we celebrated the festival of Holi. Furthermore, there was a lot of planning done for this CAS project to make it entertaining and environmentally friendly.

We worked as a team to make this CAS project a successful.Ofcourse there were many disagreements which we had while constructing the project like how we will make this CAS project environmentally friendly, how we will orgazine food music and other expenses in the given budget as well as which person is going to do a particular task.As we are still studying but hence it was difficult to take out the time for our CAS project but we somehow did it.

There were many skills which we developed during our project journey such as marketing skills, communcation, coorporative skills, self management skills as well as learnt how to become responsilble.As we all were assigned different task such as I was managing the food sector and other people have their different roles.This helped was a lot as dividing the task reduces the pressure and also helps to make things fuction smooth.

There were some ethical choices made by us. We used organic colours hence the water doesn’t get polluted. Furthermore, we already warned everybody to not bring water balloons or any kind of toxic colours or paste which can be harmful to the environment. Additionally, we also made the policy of not wasting food hence all the leftover food was been distributed to the needy ones.

As a act of service we donated all the profit which we made from our porject for a good cause.This motivated us all as we felt we are doing a good thing for the society as at the end our motive was to

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