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Hey! My name is Abhilasha Bansal and I am a seventeen-year high school senior at fountainhead school. From childhood, I was very close to my father and one thing I admire about him is the way he conducts business. This increased my interest in Business strategies and management because of which I started to explore this area in 10th grade and after a bit of exploring I found that finance is the main area I am interested in. Generally, I am not a talented person since I think I am average in every field but the positive thing about me could be understanding things easily and exploring different areas to satisfy my curiosity.

The skills I would like to improve for myself are socializing skills. During the CAS experiences, the one thing I learned was my inability to interact with peers and the career path that I am pursuing requires the following skills very efficiently. So I hope in the future I would get different opportunities like CAS to improve my socializing skills.

As a person, I think that I am an introvert and it requires me a lot of time to get out of my shell to have fun with new people but once I am comfortable with the people around me I could be a lot of fun. I am not generally used to changes but one thing I have learned is that life will keep on changing and the faster we adapt to the changes it would be more good for us. Along with this I try to be very considerate to everyone and make sure that I am being kind and humble to everyone. Another compliment I have received from my friends is that I am a good listener and that just proves that my efforts in being considerate are doing good.

There are many things I would like to do in this lifelike traveling or living in a completely unknown country or being reckless. But along with that, I would also like to be successful in having my own business and creating a life where there will be no regrets.

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