As the lockdown started, I started gardening at my home. The task included watering most plants everyday and few on a less frequent basis, adding medicine, changing soil and always keeping track of plant’s health. As I had never done gardening before, I learnt a lot about it and developed interest for it that I did not have when I started.

LO 1- I did not know anything about gardening, but I grasped new things quickly. A skill that I developed was the technique of watering the plant, I learnt that directly pouring water is not the ideal technique.

LO 2- Even though I did not know much, I decided to do it and there is a very low margin of error as plants can die out very quickly if care is not taken. Also there are around 25 plants, so keeping track of all of them is difficult.

LO 3- I first focused on only watering the plants and understanding when the plant is healthy with the help of others in my family. After some time, I started to also use medicine every 2-3 weeks to keep the plants healthy.

LO 4- I have been doing this for around 6 months now

LO 6- Plants are very important as they reduce global warming. Even though the change through my actions is negligible, it is a step in the right direction

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