As the lockdown was imposed, I had to do start some form of exercise at home to remain physically fit. Before the lockdown, I did not put a lot of focus on exercising outside school. I focused on doing simple body weight exercises like push ups, sit ups, squats, planks to name a few. With the reference of online videos, I understood the correct form to avoid any injuries. If I got very comfortable, I increased the intensity of the exercise. This allowed me to de-stress from my studies and also become physically fit.

L1- I did not focus a lot on my physical well being before this, so I had to be consistent to improve it. As we did common exercises like push ups and sit ups in school, they were not too difficult for me. My main focus was on my upper body strength.

L2- Through online videos, I also learnt about new exercises which were more difficult and I also increased intensity of existing exercises to challenge and push myself. Another thing was that I increased time I take to do a particular exercise, for example when I am doing a push up, I held my body for a longer time, using up more energy

L3- I had planned to keep the intensity low for the starting weeks and then incrementally increase it over time, this way I was not overwhelmed at the start. Along with this I also decided to change my diet, by eating healthy food in breakfast and in the evening.

L4- I have been doing this for around 8 months, and even though I have procrastinated on many days, I have still been the most consistent I have ever been for exercising outside school.

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