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Hello, I am Kyari, a seventeen-year-old who is seeking to understand the purpose of her life. Coming from a family background of deep-meditators, I like to sit in silence, reflect and stay in solitude (I believe this makes me different from other seventeen-year-olds). Although that’s just one part of me, the other part is extremely outgoing, an extrovert who cannot stop speaking once a certain comfort level is reached. I consider myself to be a good listener, which is the reason why I have companions who like to share their problems with me often.

I also consider myself an intense reader — though the definition of a fierce reader is pretty relative–I enjoy self-help and motivating books due to which people often label me as very optimistic and a seeker. Though, I would want to learn how to balance my emotions–I get too excited or too upset for things often– and think beyond the obvious. Along with reading, I also enjoy sports, especially basketball. Sports, in general, has played a significant role in shaping me, it has taught me the life skills that no textbook or theory could teach (since it comes from experience.) For instance, “Failure”, which comes handy while playing sports, taught me the importance of continuously failing but never giving up. It has made me look at failure from a completely different lens. I consider failure as an opportunity to grow and learn rather than a disgrace. I have started taking pride in failing.

I look forward to joining college, meet new people, put myself out of my comfort zone, and grab every opportunity life presents me. I plan to pursue a course which is a combination of Economics and Management and contribute back to society by serving and helping from the heart. Alongside, I also wish to explore myself deeper by meditation and authenticity.

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