FS Cup

Strand: Activity

I always liked playing football with my friends in my free slots and play times. I considered as a casual hobby and wasn’t ever serious about it. But, I somehow managed to get selected in an inter school event that my school organised. It was a new experience for me to play football in a competition, since I only had experience playing football as a stress-buster. The shocking part for me was, our team ended getting 2nd position in the tournament. I never expected to reach to the podium on my very first competition.

L1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I enjoy playing sports very much and feel that it is an essential part of my life, through which I have managed to stay active and fit. After this experience, I realized that I could improve upon myself even further, and become better at this game. I reflected that I am better at this sport than I thought I was, and with practice, I can get even better. I evaluated the areas of improvement as a player and as a team member. I have to get better at tackling and stay attentive about where my team members are, to be able to pass them the ball on time.

L2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills

Being part of this tournament was out of my terrain, and wasn’t much confident if I will be able to play well or not. A day before the tournament, I was very anxious and afraid if I mess-up and my team loses because of me. During the tournament, I performed reasonably well, and I feel a lot more confident about myself. I am sure I’ll be able to perform with more confidence if I become part of any other football tournament.

L5: Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

I feel the best part of this sport is, it is a team sport. Being able to work in a team means that we have a wider range of skill sets, which we can use to our advantage. The pride of winning and the sorrow of losing is divided amongst a group of people, which I feel is an added benefit of a team sport. None of us would have been able to achieve if even one person from our team was missing. We were assigned the roles, at which we were good at. The synchronization between us was good. Passing was happening smoothly, and defenders were working together to stop the ball from getting past the last defender. We all supported each other which acted as a catalyst to boost our energy and enthusiasm

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