Service session

Our school invited some students to our school, the students came from inferior backgrounds than us. The main aim was to help them and share the knowledge that we have gained, which they might use in their life, and this was called “Service Session.” Here, we had to teach the students things which might help them later in life or they may choose to take up as a career also. I chose to help them with cooking.Throughout the course of this event, I accomplished LO5, LO6, LO7

Working in a group was very helpful for me because I did not know how to cook a lot but my teammates did so it was not a burden on me and I guided the children when they were cooking the dishes.

The global issue here is poverty, which is worldwide spread due to lack of resources, not getting the opportunity and the training to poor people. We gave them training in what we were good at.  Some students cook really well, if these kinds of opportunities are often given to them they can become good at cooking. It was an amazing experience interacting with them and also getting to know them. This was an amazing experience for me.

The students who visited were very gullible and would learn whatever we teach them. So, it was our responsibility to teach them to do things the right way. We were on time constraints so we needed to make the most of the time in the 4 Saturdays so that after the 4 Saturdays they had enough confidence to cook alone at home without anyone’s assistance. It felt good to have a positive impact on a part of someone’s life and therefore I ensured these lessons were worthwhile.

Service Session was a lot of fun and I did pick up a few skills on these sessions and helped a few fellows too. It was a good experience.

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