Alongside physical activities and education, there are various forms of arts as well such as dance, music, cooking, etc.I love doing dance and drawing from several years but from the past 2 years I started liking cooking and wanted to learn and cook different recipes. 

Lo1- Cooking and the domain of culinary arts has never been an interest or talent of mine.initially, it was hard to focus and be patient while cooking as in the start there would be some failures but with time i have to learn.basic skills, such as chopping vegetables, was difficult for me. Yet, I never succumbed to this and kept moving on and on. I feel that my skills certainly improved throughout.

Lo2- cooking is a difficult form of art to learn. I felt it exactly the same. I accidentally cut my fingers many times during chopping and it was really difficult to learn how to operate different instruments. It was a challenging task but exciting too.Not to mention the fact that after cooking up all sorts of goodies, we were the ones who devoured them!

Lo5- I and my family members worked upon a single dish dividing our tasks to many. My sister and I did the chopping part, my mother cooked and my dad helped in baking. Collaborating in a group is essential, as once downfall will affect everyone.All of this proved to be fruitful in the end, when we went out to bring plates and enjoy our food which we worked meticulously upon.

Lo7- I took care of all the precautions like gloves, glasses and other stuff while cooking to have safety and to not catch fire while working. While using gas and heat I took care of the adult supervision and took permission before doing anything. 

To conclude, the experience was awesome, as I learned a lot of different recipes. Although it was hard and painful, enjoyed it a lot. The learner profile ‘communicator’, ‘risk-taker’, and ‘balanced’ were included.

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