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Hello! I am Ira Chokhawala. Within the IB diploma programme at Fountainhead School, the most interesting subjects that I found are Visual Arts and Psychology, both of which I had chosen as higher level. I want to pursue a career in arts and specifically visual arts. Psychology is a subject that I opted for only because of my curiosity to learn about the cognitive processes that take place in a person and the root causes of one’s behaviour or attitude. I have also chosen Design technology (standard level). There are quite a few similarities between visual arts and designing, therefore it has helped me aid my learning and make me more of a critical thinker. 

I believe that my talents include visual arts (for obvious reasons) and specifically painting and sculpting. I’ve also realized in the past few months that digital art is also something I enjoy doing. I also enjoy hiking, cycling, scuba diving and badminton. The CAS experiences have helped me explore such likings. What I would like to work on is my leadership skills, to get more outspoken, and learn how to manage stressful situations. 

In order to get more outspoken I would want to participate more in debates and share my knowledge through whichever source I can. Also, I would really like to join animal welfare organisations and contribute to help out animals in need. CAS had given me the opportunity to donate money to animals. I also want to do art related internships to widen my knowledge. Furthermore, knowing more about business management and entrepreneurship, can definitely help me in the future.     

I aspire to keep growing as an artist and travel around the world to diversify my knowledge about arts of different cultures !

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