CAS profile- Devanshi

Hi! I am Devanshi Marfatia I aspire to be a product designer and I have taken design technology as a subject which sparked my interest in product designing.

I am passionate about art and dance. I love exploring new things and wish to learn something every step of the way. Painting and dancing give me a medium to express my emotions. Recently I have also learned many new mediums such as photoshop, AutoCAD, and Sketchup.

I want to become more interactive and outspoken and I have struggled with it for almost my whole life, CAS has given me the opportunity to overcome this obstacle and become more confident. I would also like to continue projects like missing girls and contribute more to society in all the ways I can. Some of the learner profiles I applied are communicator, open-minded, and caring.

As a hobby, I really enjoy scuba diving and I’ve also done a course and would like to do more adventurous activities in the future. lastly, I have learned a lot from these CAS experiences which will be very helpful in my coming years and challenge me to take up new things and grow.

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